Woody Allen Net Worth and 5 other things to fully know him

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Heywood ‘Woody’ Allen , whose real name is Allan Stewart Koingsberg, is an American Director, writer, actor and comedian. His career itself is difinitive and spans to more tha six decades.

Let us look into Woody Allen Net Worth and 5 other things abour him.

Woody Allen Net Worth

According to reports, his net worth is touted to be a massive figure of $140 million.

Early Life

Woody was born on November 30, 1935 in New York city. He ws raised in Brooklyn.

He had a rough childhood with his parents always arguing not making things easier for him.

He was interested in baseball during his high school years and was picked first for the teams in his school.

He was alos known for impressing his classmates with card tricks and gags.

At th eage of 17, he legally changed his name to Heywood Allen.

He attended New York University and majored in communication and film before dropping out.


He started writing jokes and gags when he was 15. Hwould sent his written jokes to various authors hoping that his work will get noticed. His wish finnaly true when he was invited by Abe Burrows, author of Guys and dolls. He was introduced to various authors.

He was hired as a full time writer of the comedian Herb Shriner. He then drifted towards writing shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show, The Tonight Show, among many others.

He did standup comedy from 1960 to 1969 in addition to his comedy writing.

His firs movie was What’s New Pussycat? in 1965. It was a dissapointement to him so he made sure to direct every movie he worked in thereafter.

Personal Life

Allen has been married for a total of three times. His spouses were Harlene Rosen (1956-1959 ), Louise Lasser (1966-1970) and Soon-Yi Previn since 1997.

He also had various relationships here and there.

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