Theo Ferrara Missing case (body recovered)in Freeport Maine

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Theo Ferrara, who was aged 14, went missing in the Maine area on Thursday, September 22, 2022.

Theo Ferrara Missing case (body recovered)in Freeport Maine.

According to reports, the body of the teen has been recovered by the authorities of the Maine Marine Patrol in Maquoit Bay at the time of noon on September 7.

The search for the teen was extensive and took officials a total searching of 5-days.

The case was a lot unfortunate as the teen was only recovered dead.

The freepost police department Chief Nate Goodman issued a statement in which he said “As you are aware, we’ve been searching for Theo Ferrara since last Thursday night. This morning, at 11:15 am, a pilot from the Maine Marine Patrol discovered a body of a young man in Maquoit Bay.” The statement continued “We’ve been informed by the office of the chief medical examiner that the body has been identified as Theo. As you can imagine, this is not the outcome that myself and my colleagues gathered together had wanted.”

Our condolences goes to the family members of Theo Ferrara. The lost of a loved one is always a hard one to take.

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