Missing! Support arises for Kathleen Patterson Missing Case, hiker disappears in a cave.

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Hiker, Cathleen Patterson, has reportedly gone missing on Sunday morning while hiking near the Spurs Cross Trial in Cave Creek.

This disappearance has lead to unrest in the valley and hundreds of people are looking to help. The community is stepping up to help find her.

Her husband, Steve Patterson, has been the last one to contact her. He had been in contact with her on Sunday morning 10:02 am through phone. The text she sent read “Hey babe I’ve gotten off route. I’m OK. Plenty of water. All good.”

He told that that was the last time he had been in contact with her.

Support arises for Kathleen Patterson Missing case

The founder of Arizona Foothills 911, Sunny Parker, has been very vocal for the help in the search for the hiker. He has been posting about Kathleen continuously on Social Media. She has said that more than 400 volunteers have stepped up to help her.

The search has been also ongoing with Maricopa County Sheriff and their rescue team in continuous search for Kathleen.

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