Steve Bannon | All you need to know about Donald Trump’s ex-advisor

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Steve Bannon, a former advisor to Donald Trump, is a American political strategist, media executive, and filmmaker. He also dabbled in investments. He is in the news recnetly over him facing charges in money laundering and conspiracy.

Bannon was born in Richmond, Virginia and he was brought up there in a large Catholic family.

He attented high school in an all- male catholic school in Richmond, before moving to Virginia Tech where he got his degree.

He joined the US navy becoming an officer during his tenure. After leaving the navy, he continued his studies and attented Havard Bussiness School in 1985. There he specialized in media and entertainment.


Bannon dabbled in politics and money investment and acheived success in those fields.

In 2012, He along with Peter Schweizer founded an NGO, with the name Government Accountability Institute, having mounted investigations on the wrongdoings of various politicians among others.

He was made the executive chairman of the Breitman News, following the death of Andrew Brietman. Critics have criticized this journal as racist, misogynist and xenophobic.

He actively supported Trump during his presidential elections and named Chief White House strategist following the victory of Trump.

He was very influential during the first half-year of the trumo regime, with many believing that he was the driving force behind some of the controversial decisions taken by Trump such as travel ban on Muslim-majority countries, removing US from the Paris Agreement, among many other such decisions.Fo

Following protests from various people, he was removed from his position of power in the White House. Upon his removal, he immediately returned to the helm of the Breitbart and continued propagating the views of Trump outside the government.

Friction with Trump also started surfacing with the President’s visit to Russia, which Bannon called “unpatroitic” with Trump responding ” Sloppy Steve has lost his mind after he was fired”. He was also forced to give up his position from Breitbart.

Bannon was found tangled in a fraud case of defrauding donors in August 2020 but was pardoned by Trump before leaving office. He was also charged with comtempt charges for inciting Trump supporters in the attack on the Capitol.

Now, he has again found himself in a mess when he was charged with the cases of Money Laundering and fraud in case of misappropriation of funds during the construction of wall between US and Mexico.

Details of the case have not been released yet but it has bben reported that the issue may be related to the case against hin 2020.

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