Smokey Robinson Net Worth 2022 and other things to know about him.

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Smokey Robinson is an American singer-songwriter, producer and a former record executive He is into the R&B and pop.

He has been credited the development of the motown sound, which was very popular during the 50s to 70s. He was also part of the band Miracles. The pop band was very successful.

The group helped massively in his solo career and has followed him throughout his career.

Name Smokey Robinson
Nationality American
Occupation Singer-songwriter
Record executive
Net worth $150 million
Genre R&B
Instruments Piano
Years Active 1955-present

Smokey Robinson Net Worth 2022

According to reports, it is estimated that the net worth of Smokey Robinson is $150 million.


Born on February 19, 1940 in Detroit, Michigan, he was deeply interested in music from a young age.

Robinson along with his friends Ronald White and Peete Moore formed a group in his school. Later they were joined by Bobby Rodgers and Claudette Rodgers.

They met Berry Gordy and impressed him with Robinson’s vocals and ambitious songwriting. With his help, the Miracles released their first single “Got a Job”.

The group was later incorporated into the group Motown. The group went on to become very successful and led an era where the popular sound was their motown sound.

Robinson wanted to retire by 1969 but with the group insistence he stayed till 1972.

Solo Career

After a year into retirement, he announced his comeback. He released his comeback album Smokey.

His solo career just as amazing as he was in the band.

He was inducted into the hall of fame as an solo artist.

Personal life

He married fellow Miracles member Claudette Rodgers in 1959. The couple had two children together.

They separated in 1986 over the issue of Smokey having fathered a child outside their marriage.

He married Frances Gladney in 2022 and has been since then.

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