Scott Frost Net worth and everything you need to know about him.

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Scott Frost is an American football coach. He was a former professional football player. He is widely known for being the quaterback of Nebraska while winning the 1997 national championship. He was also named the hesd coach of Nebraska in 2018.

Scott was born on January 1975 in Lincoln, Nebraska. He was drafted in 1998 into New York Jets, where he palyed for 3 years before moving to Cleveland Browns and subsequently to Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Name Scott Frost
Age 47 years
Birth date January 4, 1975
Birth Place Lincoln, Nebraska
Net Worth 16 million USD
Annual Salary 5 million USD
Nationality American

Some of the frequently asked questions about Scott Frost

Who is Scott Frost?

Scott Frost is an American Football coach. He was also a professional football player.

Which team does Scott Frost coach?

Scott Frost is the current head coach of Nebraska.

What is Scott Frost Annual Salary?

According to reports, his annual salary is reported to be $5 million.

What is the net worth of Scott Frost?

His nnet worth is reported to be around $16 million.

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