Scooter Braun Net Worth and 5 things to now know about him

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Scooter Braun, whose full name is Scott Samuel Braun, is an American talent manager and record executive.

He has made his name in the industry by managing names such as Ariana Grande, Justin Beiber, J Balvin, Demi Lovato among other names.

It was his launching of Justin Beiiber that got him the most attention and contributed greatly to his rise in the music industry

Let us look at Scooter Braun Net Worth and 5 things to know about him

Scooter Braun Net Worth

His hugely successfull talent management has paid off massively as his fortune says.

According to reports, hi net worth is $500 million.

Early Life

Scooter was born in New York, US on June 18, 1981 to immigrant parents from Hungary. He was raised alongside four siblings.

He attended Greenwich High School and did his degree from Emory University in Atlanta. He drepped out of colle to become the head of marketing at the label of Jermaine Dupri.


While in college, he would organise parties. He was hired to plan after parties in 2002 for the Anger Management Tour for Eminem and Ludacris. This set him up to Jermaine Dupri, director of So So Def Record, was later appointed as head of markeing depatment in his label.

His biggest break came in the form of Justin Beiber, when he got him to sign the deal with Island Jef Jam.


He produced Never Say Never, a documentry about Justin Beiber, which was among the highest grossing documentries in history.

In 2007, he launched SB Projects, an entertainment and marketing company. The label signed Ariana Grande in 2013.

He also joined Daviid Maisel to form Mythos Studios.

Personal Life

Braun mariied his longtime girlfriend, Yael Cohen in July 6, 2014. The couple had two children, one son and one daughter.

Though they are separated now as Braun filed for divorce in 2021.


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