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Ray J is an American actor, rapper and music producer. He also had a career in TV hosting and singing.

He is most famous for his “dealings” with Kim Kardashian that made her “career”.

According to reports, his net worth is estimated to around $14 million.

Real Name William Norwood Jr.
Age 41 years
Net Worth 14 million USD
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Music Producer
TV personality
Height 5 feet 6 in
Spouse Princess Love (m. 2016)

Early Life

Ray J was born on January 17, 1981 in McComb, Mississippi. His parents moved to California and Ray J was raised there. He hails from a family of famous personalities such as Brandy and Snoop Dogg.


Ray J started his career in acting when he appeared in various TV commercials in 1989. Since then he has played several roles such as role of foster son in The Sinbad Show and One and One.

He has also made various apperances in movies such as Mars Attacks!, Steel, and Envy.

Ray J was also a part of the UK Celebrity Big Brother, but he walked out of the show after one week.

In 2004, Ray J founded after he was dropped on his previous label in 1997. The label was named R. Kelly Timband.

Net Worth

According to reports, the estimated net worth of Ray J is known to be about $14 million. He has various undertakings. He even founded his own line of Marijuana known as William Ray LA. This undertaking reported earns him $1 million per year!

He aslo still gets hsi royallties lfrom his “dealings” with Kim Kardashian.

Personal Life

In 2016, Ray J got married to fashion designer Princess Love. The couple have two kids together.

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