Patrick Bet-David 7 things you want to know about him

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Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David is was a former soldier fot the US army and is currently a bussinessman who dwells in investing of all kinds. He also did plenty of radio shows around the country.

Patrick founded the PHP agency in 2009, which deals in marketing fanancial services to people with a very wide range.

Patrick was born in Iran in 1978. During war in Iran, his parents fled to Germany to seek refuge and ultimately arrived in the US. He arrived at US when he was 12 year old.

Here are seven things you may want to know about him.

Patrick Bet-David Net-worth

Patrick venture into the fianancial world has landed hin quite the fortune.

He has founded the PHP Agency in 2009. It deals with marketing financial serivices to people with a wide variety.

According to reports, his net worth is $180 million. Not Bad!

Patrick Bet-David Childhood

Patrick’s childhood had been harsh. Born in Iran to foriegn parents did matters worse with them being forced to flee the country to escape war. They fled to Germany and eventually to US.

They arrived in the US when Patrick was 12 years old.

Patrick Bussiness ideas

He has founded PHP Agency in 2009. Add this to Valuetainment Media LLC. This media company is tasked with the mangement of his media outlets especially his youtube channel Valuetainment.

He is known forr interviewing big personalities in his channel and bringing their knowlwdge to us.

What is the Nationality of Patrick Bet-David

Patrick Bet-David is an American citizen. He also served in the US army.

Where did Patrick do his education?

Patrick did his high school from Glendale High School In California.

For his college, he attended Santa Monica College, where he got a degree in Nutrition.

Personal Life

Patrick is a married man. He is married to Jennifer Bet-David. She is the executive Vice President of Agency Operations in the PHP Agency Inc.

The couple have been married since 2009. They have four children together.

Social Media

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