Nicola Bulley Missing, parents fear ‘somebody got her’, Missing dog walker.

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Missing dog walker

The missing mother-of-parents two’s believe “someone has got her” after she vanished while walking her dog.

If there is “any chance that she is taken,” they have questioned the police.

In the Lancashire village of St. Michael’s on Wyre, Nicola Bulley was last observed on Friday at or about 9.15 a.m. on a towpath by the River Wyre off Garstang Road.

Her mobile phone was discovered nearby on a bench while it was still in a conference call.

Between the river and the bench, Ms. Bulley’s dog, a springer spaniel named Willow, was discovered roaming free.

Nicola Bulley’s two young daughters reportedly “cried their eyes out” when their dad explained to them that their mum was lost.

Ms Bulley’s partner Paul Ansell reportedly had to tell their children about what had happened, and her mum Dorothy revealed: “He just said ‘mummy’s lost.”

Nicola Bulley’s partner Paul Ansell, speaking from the family home in Inskip, Lancashire, said he spent all of Sunday searching for the mother-of-two.

The engineer, who has been in a relationship with Ms Bulley for 12 years, said: “It is just perpetual hell. It is just utter disbelief.

“We are living through this but it doesn’t feel real.

“All we can say is we need to find her. She’s got two little girls that need their mummy home.

“We have got to get some good news now.”

Mr Ansell said he or Ms Bulley, also known as Nikki, would drop the children, aged nine and six, off at a local primary school before taking Willow for a walk along the river nearby.

Ms Bulley did the school run before heading for the dog walk on Friday, police indicated.

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