Newton Man Murdered by a woman after he finds her forging checks.

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An arrest has been made by police over a suspect connected with the murder of Leonard Garber, 65, a resident of Newton and landlord of the suspect in killing.

The suspect is identified as Xiu Fang Ke, a 43-year old. She was the resident of the house of Leonard.

The suspect.

Leonard Garber was reported missing on Monday and authorities were in search of him. His body was finally recovered at around 3pm on Tuesday.

Reports have suggested that the incident escalate after the landlord found out that Fang Ke was forging checks from an account of Garbre and taking over $40,000.

Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan tells us that he was reported missing by his friends and family after he wasn’t heard from for several days.

Ryan states that, “The information we have at this point indicates at some time between Thursday and Saturday, Mr Garber had became aware of the use of the checks, had confronted Ms Ke about the checks, and she allegedly struck and killed him and made efforts to conceal the body. ”

Fang Ke was arrested by the authorities at the Newton Police Station on the morning of Wednesday.

Newton Man Murdered by a woman after he finds her forging checks.

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