Missing girl High Wycombe: Three missing girls found in London.

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Missing girl high Wycombe: Three missing girls found in London.

Three girls were reported missing from Wycombe, Amersham and Prestwood in Buckinghamshire. The girls were reported to be aged 12 to 14.

The authorities reportedly started the search for the girls following the reporting of their missing status.


The police also appealed for public help over the case of their disappearance. They were very desperate for the search were very concerned for their welfare.

However, it has been reported that the three girls were found ‘safe and sound’ in London.

The girls were named Tiffany, Layla and Paige and they were last sighted in High Wycombe.

The spokesperson of the Thomas Valley Police said, “Following a widespread appeal for help in tracing three missing girls from High Wycombe, we are pleased to report that they have now been located safe and well in London.”

It was the public in London who spotted the teenagers in London and reported them to the authorities.

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