Mike Ashley Net Worth and Everything you need to know about him

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Mike Ashley, whose full name is Mike James Wallace Ashley, is a retail enterprenuer from United Kingdom. He is the CEO of Frasers Group Plc.

He was also the former owner of Newcastle United, a premier league team.

Let us look into Mike Ashley Net worth and everything you need to know about him.

Mike Ashley Net Worth

Mike Ashley is among the richest in the UK with his total net worth amounting to over a billion dollars at $2.5 billion.

Early Life

Mike was born on 9 September, 1964 at Walsall, Staffordshire, England to his parents and was raised there.


Mike Ashley has a very good public persona with him amiable enough to sit with fans during Newcastle games.

Mike has beenn the CEO pf the Frasers Group Plc since the inquistion of it. He was also the owner of Newcastle United until recently.

Personal Life

Mike has been married once. It was to Linda Jerlmyr in 1988. The couple have three children together. They separated in 2003. The divorce was heavily publicised and the incourt selttlements amounted to over $50 miilion payments to Linda

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