Melinda Clarke Net Worth, Career, Early Life and More

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Melinda Clarke was born in California, United States . She is a famous TV actress known for her roles in the opera Days of Our Lives. However, the role which got her in the talking was Faith Taylor .

She was married to Ernie Mirich in 1997 and they had a daughter together, Catherine. They separated in 2005.

She was born in Dana Point, California to her parents, Patricia Lewis and John Clarke. John was a original member of the cast for thr Days of Our Life. She grew up with her parents and two other sibling. One of which had a unfortunate death in 1994.

Name Melinda Clarke
Date of Birth April 24, 1969
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Net worth John Clarke and Patricia Lewis
Spouce Ernie Mirich ( 1997-2005 ), Adam Farmer ( 2015- )
Daughter Catherine Grace Mirich
Height 5’7”

Early Life

Melinda Clarke was raised with her parents in Dana Point in California. Her sister named Heidi died due to heart tumor in 1994.

She completed her high school education from Dana Hills High School.


Melinda Clarke has recieved acclaim in the TV industry with her roles such as Faith Taylor in Days of our Lives and was starred in various other shows such as Soldier of Fortune.

She was go starred in various TV shows as guests such as Xena: Warrior Princess, Charmed, CSI, and Seinfeld.

She also starred in the lead role of the horror movie Return of The Living Dead III.

Net worth

According to various reports, her net woth is estimated as $4 million.

Personal Life

Melinda Clarke married Ernie Mirich on June 27, 1997. They have a daughter together named Catherine who was born in January 4, 2000. They divorced in 2005

Shehas married Adam Farmer in September 12,2015.

Awards and Nominations

  • She won the Fangoria award for her role in the Return of The Living Dead in 1993.
  • 1996, she earned a best actress award for her role in Killer Tougue
  • 1990, she won a namonition in the Best Young actress for the role inn Days of Our Lives.

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