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Marciano Cantero ( 25 August 1960 – 8 September 2022 ) was an Argentine musician and singer. He was part of Los Enanitos Verdes, a pop/rock band. He was their lead singer and bassist.

He also had a very successfull solo career with his fame spreading far and wide.

He lived in Mexico befor moving to his birthpace in Mendoza, Argentina, where on 8th September, 2022, he breathed his last.

Cantero had his first encounter with rock music when he was nine and listened to the Beatles. He counts this as one of his most influential bands and helped him in finding his calling toward music.

He went on with his group becoming famous in thier homeplace in Mendoza. They later moved to Buenos Aires where they at first struggled, with them performing in bars. Later with a change in label to CBS Argentina, they found success internationally, particularly in Latin America.

He later started his own solo career and and giving such songs such as Luna Nueva and Beat Club Among many others.

The legendary musician breathed his last in his hometown of Mendoza at the age of 62. He would be happy that he has inspired a generation of musicians juust like he was inspired by the Beatles.

Birth Name Horacio Eduardo Cantero Hernandez
Birth DateAugust 25, 1960
DiedSeptember 8, 2022
Labels Universal Latino
Years Active1972-2022

Net Worth

Marciano‘s net worth at the time of his death was reported as $4 million.

Some of the frequently askee questions about Marciano Cantero are

Who is Marciano Cantero ?

He was a Argentine singer and musician.

What was his net worth ?

He reportedly had a net worth about $4 million at time of his death.

What genre was he in ?

He made song in the genre of Rock.

Was Marciano a part of a band?

Yes, he was the lead singer and basist of the group Los Enanitos Verdes.

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