JP Baric Net worth 2022 and everything you need to know about him

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JP Baric is the CEO of Miningstrore, a company which he founded. The company deals with large scale cryptocurrency mining. The company mainly deals with the mining of Bitcoin.

Let us look into JP Baric Net Worth and other things to kow about him.

JP Baric Net Worth

Baric’s net worth is unknown at the moment. HE claims that he has bought $1000 worth of bitcoin when he was a teenager. This piece of information immediately places him in the miilions bracket.

He is also the founder and CEO of Miningstore. The company reports that it makes a monthy turnover of $1 million. This figure is debated over its credibilty as crypto currency mining can be very expensive.

However if the reported sums are taken into account. JP Baric Net Worth amounts to $2 million.

Information About JP Baric

Baric is a native of Texas and attended North Carolina University but decided to drop out to focus in his mining company.

His full name is John Paul Baric.

The millionaire started trading in crypto in his hig school and has continued to do so. He claims to have brought $1000 worth of Bitcoin when he was in his high school.

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