Jose Aldo Net Worth, Retirement and 3 other things to know fully about him

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Jose Aldo, whose full name is Jose Aldo da Silva Oliveira Junior, is a former MMA fighter who announced his retirement from the sport on September 18, 2022.

He is widely considered as the greatest featherweight fighter of all time.

Let us look into Jose Aldo Net worth, retirement and other things about him

Jose Aldo Net Worth

According to reports, his net worth is touted to be $9 million.

Early Life

Aldo was born in Manaus, Brazil on September 9, 1986.

His initial dream was to be a football player but life had other plans as he picked up fighting after being assaulted in streets numerous times.

He moved to Rio de Janerio when he was 17 to focus in his MMA career.


He started his MMA career when he was 17 and won his first fight with a knockout 17 seconds into the fight. A badass thing to do if you ask me.

He continued on undefeated in the ring till 2005 when the streak was ended by Luciano Azevedo.

He later joined WEC and his rise to fame continued with his winning ways.

His fight wit McGregor in 2015 ended his winning streak of 18 fights.

His invincible status faded out the following years as he lost number of fights.

But it does not take awy his greatness and is still one of the greatest fighters to ever live. period.

Personal Life

Aldo has a burn mark in his face. He got that in his childhood where he was accidentally dropped in a barbeque.

Aldo is a married man and is married to Muay Thai fighter, Vivianne Perreira. The couple has a child together.


He announced his retirement from the sport in 18 September, 2022.


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