Joe Haden Net Worth 2022 : Age, Career, Retirement and More

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Joe Haden, whose full name is Joseph Walter Haden III, is a former American football player. He recently announced his retirement in 21 September, 2022, putting an end to his twelve seasons in the NFL.

Let us look into Joe Haden Net Worth 2022 and other things to know about him.

Joe Haden Net Worth

According to reports, Joe Haden’s Net worth is estimated to be around $21 million.

High School

Haden did his highschooling from Friendly High School in Fort Washington, Maryland. He was a atheletic individual and was part of the school football team. He led them to a 14-0 record and won the state championships with them. He played as a quaterback and safety in high school.

He was also th part of the school basketball team which won two state championships. But he later opted to play football.


After considering offers from various universities, he chose to attend the University of Florida.

He was immediately part of the college team and started 12 games for them as a freshman.

A year after that, he started all 14 games for the team and was praised nationwide a promising recruit. He also won the BCS championships with the team.

He continued his fine form during his junior year and was a unanimous first team All-American and was named the National Defensive Player of the year.


Harden was a first round pick( seventh overall ) for the the Cleveland Browns. He signed a $50 million contract with $26 million guarrenteed salary over five years.

He plyed his trade for them for five years before extending the contarct again in May 13, 2014 with an improved contract of $68 miliion with $45 miilion guarenteed.

It was till August 30, 2017, that he played for them. Then he was realeased over their disagreement over his reduced salary.

He joined Pittsburg Steelers in August 30, 2017 and stayed with them till his retirement.


Hadden announced his retirement in September 21, 2022.

He would sign a one-day contract with Cleveland Browns and it would be his last.

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