James Meek Missing, ABC journalist missing since FBI raid.

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James Meek Missing

Since the FBI allegedly took sensitive information from his laptop during a raid on his Virginia home, an Emmy Award-winning ABC News journalist who broke numerous high-profile national security and terrorism-related stories has gone missing, according to published sources.

Since highly armed federal officials stormed James Gordon Meek’s penthouse apartment in Arlington in April, the 52-year-old investigative reporter and producer of Hulu’s acclaimed documentary “3212 Un-redacted” has not been seen in public, according to Rolling Stone.

According to “sources acquainted with the issue,” Meek’s laptop included sensitive information that was discovered by federal authorities.

“Mr. Meek is unaware of any claims anonymous sources are making about his possession of confidential papers,” Meek’s attorney Eugene Gorokhov told Rolling Stone.

The attorney said in a statement to Rolling Stone that, “If such records exist, as claimed, this would be within the scope of his long career as an investigative journalist reporting government misconduct.”

The federal government’s pursuit of Meek is unknown; her ground-breaking reporting on the Pentagon’s 2017 cover-up of American servicemen’s fatalities in Niger served as the inspiration for the Hulu documentary.

According to Meek’s lawyer, “the claims in your inquiry are concerning for a different reason: They appear to emanate from a source inside the administration.” “Leaking information about an ongoing inquiry by government employees is both very improper and unlawful.”

“We hope the DOJ [Department of Justice] looks into the source of this leak as soon as possible.”

The location of Meek are unknown. He formerly covered national security for the New York Daily News before joining ABC News.

The FBI and ABC News have been contacted by The Post for comment. Justice Department officials opted not to comment.

He unexpectedly departed from ABC News, which is owned by Disney, and hasn’t worked for us in months, a spokesperson for the network told Rolling Stone.

The relatives of Meek didn’t return calls.

Meek’s final public statement was a single phrase in a tweet he sent on April 27: “Facts.”

A post about the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine prompted the tweet.

According to Rolling Stone, federal officials conducted a 10-minute lightning raid on his residence, which was located on the top floor of a six-story apartment building in Siena Park.

Meek “dropped off the face of the Earth,” according to ABC News reporters who knew him, who spoke to Rolling Stone.

Meek was a member of the Emmy-winning journalism team that created a documentary about the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, according to IMDb.

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