JaMarcus Russell Net Worth 2022: All you need to know about him

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JaMarcus Russsell is an highly successfull American Football player who played for Oakland Raiders. He played there for three seasons.

He was drafted in NFL 2007 draft as the first overall pick.

Let us look into Jamarcus Russell net worth 2022 and other things to know about him.

JaMarcus Russell Net Worth

According to net worth, the former NFL player has a reported net worth of about $4 million.

Early Life

JaMarcus was born on August 9, 1985 at Mobile, Alabama.

He attended the Lillie B. Williamson High School where he was very interested in Football and picked up the sport. He was a regular in the first team there. Infact, during four years of high school, he never missed a game for them.


JaMarcus accepted the scholarship from Louisana State University(LSU) over the offer of Florida State Uiversity. He was a star in the team and started his rise to stardom. He was a highly touted recruit and greatly helped LSU win multiple championships over the years at the university.


Folowing his great success in the university, he was a highly sought after prospect and was picked as the first overall pick in the NFL 2007 draft by the Oakland Raiders.

His issues started just a that when he failed to finalize his contarct with the Raiders and missed his first training camp.

It was later stated that he was tested positive for codeine after the draft.

His career can be summed up as disspointing. His first overall pick placed expectations on him but he trashed them all with is inconsitency and behaviour.

He was released by the Raiders in the 2010 season and has failed to sign with any team since then.

Personal Life

Russell was arreste din 2010 over the unprescribed possession of Codeine Syrup And his life has only been downhill since then. He was named as the worst draft bust by outlest and fans alike.

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