Jahm Najafi Net worth and 5 other things to know about the amazing bussiness man

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jahm najafi

Jahm Najafi is an Iranian-American Bussinessman and enterprenuer. The is the owner of the the NAjafi companies and also owns the Phoenix Suns NBA team partially.

He was previously part of the CItigroup and also as the CEO of Pivotal Private Equity.

He has purchased various properties such as The Century Plaza Hotel, Alameda, 650 California Street among others.

Let us look into Jahm Najafi Net worth and 5 things to know about him

Net Worth

Jahm Najafi has amassed a huge fortune in the bussiness world. His main source of wealth is Najfi Companies but he also owns other bussinesses such as NBA teams and properties such as The Century Plaza Hotel.

According to various estimates, his net worth is touted to be 3.5 billion USD.


Najafi attended the University of California and got his bachelor’s degree from there. He majored in Economics.

After that he attended the Havard University, where he did his masters in Bussiness Economics.

Havard University


Najafi started his career by working with Saloman Brothers, part of Citigroup. He served as te CEO of Pivotal Private Group.With the group, he purchased properties such as The Century Plaza, Alameda and 650 California Street.

He aso serves as the partial owner of The Phoenix Suns NBA team.

It was announeced in December 2020, that he was to be the next vice-chairman of McLaren Racing.

Personal Life

Najafi is a married man. He is married to Cheryl Najafi. The couple have three children together and they live in Arizona.

Ousting of Robert Sarver

Jahm Najafi has actively called out for the resignation of the largest stakeholder of the The Phoenix Suns, Robert Sarver, over his use of racial slur and demanded he immediately gave up his position.

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