Hilary Farr Net worth and all you need to know her

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Hilary Farr is an an British-Canadian designer, former actress and TV host She is widely known for being the co-host of HGTV and W Network TV Series Love It or List it. Her co-host partner was David Visentin.

Name Hilary Farr
Birth Date 31 August, 1951
Nationality British-Canadian
Profession Former actress
Tv host
Net worth 8 million USD
Husband Gordon Farr
Children 1

Hilary Farr net worth and all you need to know about her

Early Life

Hilary Farr was born in Toronto on 31 August, 1951. She was raised in London.

She attented the Royal Ballet School and wished to be a ballerina. She also took interest in theatre and interior designing by her mom.


She began her career in the city of Los Angeles by working as a home renovator. She also designed film and television sets. It was during this time that she also worked as a actress appearing in films such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, City on Fire among many others.

In 2010, she appeared in Love It or List it as a co-host of the show.

Net Worth

According to various reports, the estimated net worth of Hilary Farr is around $8 million.

Personal Life

Farr had been married to Gordon Farr from 1982 and divorced in 2008. The couple have one children together.

She is currently not known to be in any relationships.

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