Gma Host Missing, where has Robin Roberts gone?

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Gma Host Missing

Following her jabs at Amy Robach and TJ Holmes regarding their widely publicised relationship, Robin Roberts has left GOOD Morning America.

Robin was not present when the hosts of GMA began to celebrate Jimmy Kimmel’s 20th anniversary as a late-night host on Friday’s episode.

Gma Host Missing

A video of the fictitious conflict between Matt Damon and Jimmy was posted by the GMA account on Twitter, and host Lara Spencer talked about it.

However, dependable Robin did not appear at all in the episode.

Robin’s absence does not seem to have been planned as the hosts made no mention of it or provided an explanation.

Since their widely reported “affair,” Robin has been subtly making fun of co-hosts Amy and TJ.

She hasn’t spoken candidly about the circumstance on air, though.

During her morning messages, Robin’s comments have mostly been reduced to cryptic allusions.

The other co-host of the star made no remarks about Robin’s whereabouts.

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