Glenn Kelman Net Worth, wife, Career, Early Life and More

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Name Glenn Kelman
Age 51 years
Birth Place Seattle
Nationality American
Profession Entrepreneur, Inverstor.
Net Worth 47.6 Million USD
Spouse Slyvia Lee Kelman

Glenn Kelman is a 51 years old successful American entrepreneur and investor. He is the CEO of Redfin and had co-founded it.

He has been on the news recently as he is set to star in the popular reality TV shopw “Buy My House“, streaming on Netflix, similar to another TV reality show called “Shark Tank“. The show deals with people pitching their houses instead of business as seen in “Shark Tank“.

Early Life

Glenn Kelman was born in 1971 in Seattle to his father, Llyod Kelman,and his mother, LInda Kelman. HE also has a twin brother Wesley Kelman. His mother worked as a nurse while his dad was an engineer. Kelman credits most of his values and influence to his family, who he belives where the most instrumental in his development as a intreprenuer and human being.


Kelman‘s high school education was done in Interlake High School, Bellevue. He was also greatly interested in soccer and chess. He was also the captain of the school’s soccer team.

He graduated high school and joined the University of California and completed college in 1993.he got into a medical school in Columbia but ended up ditching it as being a doctor was not what he wanted.


After ditching the medical school Kelman tried being a writer but that didn’t work out properly. That’s when he met fews guys from Stanford Technology Group , which was relatively new and beacme one of the first emloyees to be hired. That job paved the way for him into the world of entreprenuership.

He worked in quite a few companies before he decided to go ahead with David Eraker, the founder of Redfin,to combine software with real estate. Glenn has been working in Redfin for over 17 years and is its President & CEO.

Love Life

Glenn Kelman has chosen to keep his personal away from public eyes so not much is known about his love life too, but it is known that he is married to Sylvia Kelman and they have a son together.

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