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Eve Jobs ( born on July 9, 1998 ) is a famous model, social media influencer and internet sensation from California, United States. She is famous for being the daughter of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs.

She is recently in the news for mocking iPhone through memes. She posted a meme in her social media handle were sarcaastically showed hoe iPhone 14 was the same as iPhone 13 which was captioned “Me upgrading from iPhone 13 to iPhone 14 after Apple’s announcement today.”

This post follows the launching of the iPhone 14 by Apple in its annual launch event and netizens were quick to point out how similar the iPhone 14 was the iPhone 13. Eve joins in on the fun and she also mocks Apple on their “ingenuinity”.

But her being the daughter of the late Apple co-founder and mocking apple has certainly made to the news. With reports of relationships being strained with her father certainly not helping the case.

Name Eve Jobs
Birth Date July 9,1998
Profession Model
Nationality American
Current Residence California, United States
Net Worth 4-5 Million USD
Parents Steve Jobs
Laurene Powell Jobs
Boyfriend Harry Hudson


Eve Jobs has had found her calling of life in various fields such as modelling, being an equetrain star and travelling.

She has been in photoshoots and modelled in Paris Fashion Week and Coperni’s Spring ’22 show. She also has a hige social media influence and is certainly loving her life


As per reports, Eve is currently datingg Harry Hudson, a famous musician and singer. She had previously posted their pictures together on Instagram.

She has not been married to anybody.

Net Worth

Eve has not recieve any inhertance money from Steve Jobs as he was a firm believer that children should carve their own path. She is currently Worth $ 3-4 million.

However, the total assests in her family well ovr surpasses $20 billion.

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