Dylan Field Net Worth and 5 other things to know about the amazing man

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Dylan Field

Dylan Field is an American Technology executive and co-founder poof Figma. He dropped out of college to focus fully in the development of Figma, a web based vector graphics editing.

Dylan Field Net worth

According to Forbes’ reports, his net worth is just a little below 1 billion USD.

This is largely thanks to the success of Figma that his net worth his exploded.

Figma Interface


Dylan was born in Penngrove, California. He was quick student and was adept in math. Infact, so good that he was learning Algebra at the age of six.

He attended the Technology High School on the campus of Sonnoma State University.


He enrolled at Brown University, where he opted for computer science.

Brown University

While in college, he applied for Thiel Scholarship and was granted $100,000. It was on the condition that they droupout of college for atleast two years. Though dissaproved by his parents, he took the oppourtunity and decided to drop out of college.


He co-founded Figma along with his friend Evan Wallace in 2012. He joined upto Dylan After he had completed his degree in Computer Science.

It’s first beta version was launched in late 2015 and its first paid product in 2017.

It was reported that in 2020, the valuation of the company reached $2 billion.

In 2021, the valuation increased 5 times to reach $10 billion.

Personal Life

Dylan Field got married to Elena Nadolinski in April 2021. The couple has a child together.

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