Dick Ebersol Net Worth 2022 : How rich is the he?

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Dick Ebersol, whose real name is Duncan Ebersol, is TV executive and a advisor for NBC Universal Sports & Olympics.

Let us look into Dick Ebersol Net worth 2022 and other things to know about him.

Dick Ebersol Net Worth

According to reports, it is estimated that his net worth is around $50 million.

Early Life

Ebersol was born and raised in Torrington, Connecticut. His father was a fomer chairman of thee American Cancer Society.

He dropped out of college to become TV’s first ever Olympic researcher.


He joined the NBC in 1974. He was appointed as the Director of Weekennd Late Night Programming.

At the age of 28, he was named the vice-president of the NBC and was later appointed as the president in 1989.

He was the executive producer for the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992.

He played a major role in securing the the rights to 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics.

He later on went on to broadcast 2010 winter games and the London Olympics in 2012.

Personal Life

He has been married two times. His first marriage was with Susan Stafford in 1976 and separated in 1981. They had no children together.

He later married Susan Saint James in 1981 and has beenn with her ever since. They have three children together.

He lost one of his sons in a plane crash in 2004. He was there with two of his sons with one ending up dead.

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