Delano Burkes Missing, 26-year old man missing, family tipped about his location

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delano burkes

Delano Burkes Missing

The search for 26-year-old Delano Burkes, who hasn’t been seen since November 13, is gaining new leads.

Burkes vanished after going out with some friends to several bars in the Heights.

Burkes’ mother, Karen Jeffley, told ABC13 that she would keep searching until she found her son. A recent update, according to Jeffley, is that she has been receiving calls and has been informed that Burkes may have been seen in Houston’s downtown.

According to Texas Equusearch, these suggestions are quite beneficial and potent.

It’s wonderful, she remarked, to receive a phone call today informing her that someone believes they spotted him downtown.

Numerous individuals have been searching for Burkes for days. Jeffley hopes the proper person will notice the flyers that are being posted about him.

In the Houston Heights, friends last saw him at 12:30 a.m. on Sunday after visiting several bars there.

Burkes can be seen crossing the street at West 19th Street shortly after leaving McIntyre’s Bar on recently discovered footage, appearing to be in trouble.

A few videos of him from that evening have been seen by Jeffley. She called it “scary.” Definitely not acting in his best interests.

Jeffley thinks her 200-pound, 5 foot 10 inch son was under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs the night he vanished. The assertion has not been verified by investigators. Jeffley, though, calls this conduct odd.

The family is still looking for his cell phone after he left his car behind that evening. We’re taking a long time trying to have that ping approved, she said. “Unless it involves a crime or a life-or-death scenario, they don’t want to ping it. They do not regard it in that way.”

They are quite significant, according to Mark Edwards with EquuSearch. “Over the past 20 years, hundreds of people have been found because the public saw our leaflet, watched a television programme, called in the lead, and we are able to identify the missing person.”

Working with Burkes’ family is Edwards. After one week since the 26-year-old vanished, they want to resume their search on Sunday.

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