Cris Collinsworth Net worth and all you need to know about him

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Cris Collinsworth is a former American Football player. He was a wide reciever and played for Cincinatti Bengals for 8 seasons during the 1980s.

He eventually moved on to broadcasting and had quite a successful career there. He frequently appears on networks such as NBC, Showtime and NFL network.

Name Cris Collinsworth
Birth Date January 27, 1958
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 5 in
Nationality American
Profession Former NFL player
TV broadcaster
Net Worth 25 million USD

Cris Collinsworth net worth and all you need to know about him

Early Life

Cris Collinsworth was born in January 27, 1958 in Dayton, Ohio. His family eventually moved to Florida when he was four year old.

He attended Astronaut High School. He was a natural athelete and competed in various sports in his high school time. He was salso named high school all-american quaterback.

He attended the University of Florida on a sports scholarship. He continued on his altheletic form and impressed with his ability.


He was drafted into NFL in 1981 by the Cincinnati Bengals. It was also the team where he spent all of his career in. He was named Pro Bowl Three times during his playing career.

After retiring from Professional football, Cris ventured into the world of broadcasting.

In his splendid broadcasting career, Cris covered events such as 2008 Summer Olympics and 2017 Super Bowl.

Net Worth

Cris Collinsworth is currently worth $25 million. His estimated annual salary is about $13 million.

Personal Life

Cris is currently married to Holly. The couple have four children together. They live in Fort Thomas in Kentucky.

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