Casey Neistat Net Worth and other 5 things you need to know about the famous youtuber

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Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is an American director, screenwriter and Youtuber. He also co-founded the multimedia company Beme, which was acquired by CNN.

He founded 368, a creative space for creators to collaborate with each other.

Let us look into Casey Neistat net worth and 5 things about him

Net Worth

According to various reports, his net worth is estimated to be around $16 million.

Early Life

Casey was born in Connecticut, US on March 25, 1981. He dropped out of school when he was 17 and left his family. He has son named Owen with his then-girlfriend Robin Harris and lived in a trailer park.

In 2001, he moved to New York and worked as dishwasher in a restaurent.


Casey first got famous from his ‘iPod’s dirty secret’ video and even got him international exposure. This video got him featured in National TV. Apple announced iPod’s battery repalcement because of the video.

He, with his brothers stated making small videos such as selling an eight episode TV series to HBO in 2008.

He started Youtube in February, 2010 and has been actively uploading videos there. He recently crossed over 10 million subscribers in his youtube channel.

Youtube :


He eloped wuth Candice pool in 2005 but it lasted only a month befor it was annuled. They later married in 2013. The couple have two children together.



Casey co-founded a video sharing app called Beme with Matt Hackett. The app alowed users to make four-second video to shared on the platforms.

It was later Acquired by CNN and shut down.


He founded 368(named based on his studio address) a creative place for for creates to share their ideas and collaborate.

Couples Therapy

Casey also ran a podcast from May 4, 2018 to April 15, 2019. In the show, he discussed his ups and downs of their marriage, parentings, friendships and lives in spotlight.

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