Bobby Seale and everything you need to know about him

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Bobby George Seale is an American political activist and author. He is widely known for his part in the founding of the Black Panther Party with his fellow activist Huey P. Newton. The party’s main practice was challenging police brutality towards black community. It first started in the city of Oalland, California and slowing spread throughout the cities in the United States.

Bobby Seale was born in Liberty, Texas To his parents. His father, George Seale was a carpenter and his mother Thelma Seale. His childhood was riddled with poverty and his parents changed places all the time.

He droped out of school to join the Unitrd States Air Force. He was convicted on the charges of fighting with a commanding officer in South Dakota three years later resulting in bad conduct discharge.

He then started working as a mechanic and also did his high school degree. After that he attented Merritt Community College. There he opted for engineering and politics.

Seale wanted to become an engineer but found himself gravitaing towards the social and pilitical issues that plagued all African-American people in the United States. ‘

While in college, he joined Afro-American Association ( AAA ), a group devoted to the better of the black community and having coversations on philosophy, religion and black separation. It was here he met Huey Newton. He also met Bobby Hutton, who later became the first recruited member of the Black Panther Party.

He was late tried in the famous Trail of The Chicago 8. He was sentenced to four years in prison for 16 counts of contempt. His trail was later classified as mistrail thus the eventual naming of Chicago seven trails.

Name Bobby Seale
Age 85 years ( born 22 October 1936 )
Nationality American
Education Merritt College
Political Party Black Panther Party
Spouse(s)Artie Seale ( m 1965, div 1967)
Leslie Jhonson(m 1974)
Notable worksSeize the Time:Story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton.

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