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Bernard Shaw ( born in 22 May,1940) was a famous American journalist and news anchor. He was born in Chicago, Illionois, United States to his parents Edgar Shaw and Camilla Shaw.

He had achieved great success as being one of the leading names in the field of journalism in America and his presence will greatly be missed.

Shaw began his carrer in broadcasting in 1964 as news anchor for WNUS in Chicago. He had since worked for various organizations and was known for his utmost professionalism.

He passed away on 7 September, 2022 it the age of 82 years in Washington D.C, due to Pneumonia and is said so to have no corelation with Covid -19.

Name Bernard Shaw
Born Date 22 May, 1940
Death Date 7 September, 2022
Nationality American
Age ( as of death ) 82 years
Net Worth 5 million USD
Wife Linda Allston
Children Amar Edgar
Anil Louise


Bernard Shaw has had a amazing career in the field of journalism. He got into the field of journalism and news anchoring back in 1964, in Chicago.

Thereafter, he got in many organizations carrying his idea of jounalism and delivering with utmost professionalism.


Bernard Shaw has done his high school education from Chicago and has gooten his University degree from University of Illionios at Chicago.

Net worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.


Bernard Shaw breathed his last on 7 September, 2022. His cause of death was pneumonia, which was unrelated to Covid-19.

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