Andrew Shue Net Worth 2022, Age, Career, Personal life and more

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In Wilmington, Delaware, on February 20, 1967, Andrew Eppley Shue was born. He is an American actor and businessman who is descended from Germans. He was a member of “The Rainmaker” and most notably played Billy Campbell in the 1990s television series “Melrose Place.”

His creation of the wildly popular website CafeMom is at least partially to blame for his current net worth.

Let us look more into Andrew Shue net worth 2022 and more things to know about him.

Andrew Shue Net Worth 2022

According to reports, the net worth of the actor is estimated to be around $120 million.

Andrew Shue Biography

On February 20, 1967, Andrew Shue was born. Since Andrew Shue has become more well-known, some people are keen to find out his biography. Yes, the biography of Andrew Shue is provided below.

Let’s start with Andrew Shue’s age. According to the character, he is 55 years old. Andrew Shue is described as having a height of 5 feet and 2 inches. See the table below for a detailed biography of Andrew Shue.

Personal Life

Andrew Shue has decided to keep his private life private so not much is known about him.


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