Aj Brimson Missing, NRL star encounters tragic death.

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Aj Brimson Missing

Liam Hampson, a 24-year-old rugby league player for Queensland, has been found dead at a Barcelona nightclub, bringing a tragic end to the search for him.

NRL stars AJ Brimson, Jordan Riki, and Jesse Arthurs were among the group of pals that Hampson went to the Sala Apolo nightclub with on Tuesday before they lost touch with him at around 5.30am.

On social media, Brimson had pleaded for assistance in locating his pal.

Employees of the nightclub reportedly discovered a dead corpse on one of the floors and decided to stop looking for Hampson.

Since then, Barcelona Police has verified to 7 News that the death is being examined as an accident and that it is suspected that the body belongs to Hampson.

An area of the nightclub, Sala Apolo, where Liam was last seen, had a body on the floor, according to a police spokesperson who talked to 7 News.

El Caso, a Spanish news outlet, reports that police suspect Hampson’s death may have been caused by an accidential fall.

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