10 Most Handsome Players in the Qatar World Cup 2022.

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There are two categories of viewers for football games. The first category includes football supporters and online pundits who dissect every aspect of the roughly 90-minute game, from club lineups to tactical moves. The second group is made up of those who are fixated on the 22 fit men pursuing a ball over a field. We believed that by spotlighting some of the most attractive football players who will be gracing the month-long tournament in Qatar, we would be doing you—the second sort of viewer—a tremendous service. The widely anticipated FIFA World Cup 2022 is just around the corner. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen (no shame).

Here’s the list of 10 most handsome players in Qatar World Cup 2022:

1. Cho Gue-Sung

Social media has been inundated with video modifications of the football player, and new followers have taken to Twitter to compliment his appearance. One person said, “Cho gue sung is very handsome wtf.” Someone else wrote, “Last time I checked, he had 400k followers on IG and now he has 1.4??!?!?!?”

Cho is a player for the Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors at the moment. He started out playing for Gwangju University, then went on to lead the K League 1 in goals scored in 2022. After scoring twice in the span of three minutes during South Korea’s most recent game against Ghana, the athlete made headlines.

2. Neymar Jr.

One of the most attractive faces on the Brazilian national team is the subject of Neymar Jr.’s tale. Do you believe that one of the sexiest players at the World Cup is Neymar because of his cat eye? We cannot envy PSG supporters in France. If you’re unsure, take a look at how handsome he appears dressed like this:

On fire, Neymar Jr.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo had to be included on this list due to his flawlessly chiselled, tattoo-free body.

Just Look at HIM !!

One of the top players in the World Cup, “Chris,” as his wife Georgina refers to him, is renowned not only for his physicality but also for his self-assurance and vitality. We will pay greater attention to his development because this is most likely going to be his final World Cup.

In addition to what we already know about CR7 and his football career, his ideal physique and leadership style earned him a particular spot on our list.

4. Antoine Griezmann

He is literally PERFECT!!!!

While most people say Antoine’s name is ‘cute’, his fashion style and modelling postures say it all. The Atlético de Madrid French forward is among the most handsome players, and his various style changes give much to comment on.

5. Allison Becker

The man between the sticks seldom gets the same level of recognition that outfield players do. But in Alisson Becker, the Brazil squad has got one of the most handsome football players! The tall and heavily-bearded hunk is not only one of the world’s current best (and most expensive) goalkeepers, but he is also known to be humble and a family man. Looks like in this World Cup, he will be busy catching balls and hearts!

6. Jack Grealish

Can anyone ever top David Beckham as the most handsome football player in the history of the England squad? Probably not in our lifetime. What about the next best thing? Probably Jack Grealish. First, he inherited Beckham’s legendary No.7 jersey. Second, he’s got the floppy hair reminiscent of ’90s Beckham. Third, he’s a midfielder and playmaker with an eye for killer assists. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Beckham 2.0.

7. Paulo Dybala

When you’re in the current Argentine national squad, you are bound to be overshadowed by a dude named Lionel. Nevertheless, while said Lionel provides all the thrills and excitement with his god-kissed feet, Paulo provides some eye candy when things aren’t so pretty on the pitch. Look out for his one-and-only “Dybalamask” goal celebration if he manages to get the ball into the net!

8.  Marcos Llorente

If you don’t have the looks, you don’t get to grace the cover of Men’s Health magazine, and Marcos Llorente has proven that he does. The talented footballer recently overcame a serious injury to earn his spot on the plane to Qatar. He is one of several stars on the Spanish national team.

9. Son Heung-min

Asia you are! The most well-known and marketable South Korean football player now competing in the English Premier League is Son Heung-min (he plays for Tottenham Hotspur, in case you didn’t know). Beyond his oppa-like appearance, Sonny or Sonaldo is renowned for being one of the friendliest men in football. After Park Ji-sung’s retirement, the Korean national team captain will undoubtedly have some big shoes to fill in leading his nation’s World Cup challenge.

10. Oliver Giroud

For several years now, the French AC Milan striker has been chosen as the most attractive player in the world. Additionally, his female fan base has immensely grown since he debuted in the soccer arena.
Here is a short profile of the player.

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